G'day everyone and welcome to Aussie Ed’s World of Old Trucks

my 1912 model 'o' 2 ton lacre truck after restoration
To all the newcomers, welcome to my site and to all the old followers it’s great to have you back again.

Those of you who have followed me in the past will notice that I’ve made some changes to the site with a lot of items getting the boot to allow me to concentrate more on the workshop side (transmissions and differentials) of the old trucks. Given that a lot of these parts are becoming quite hard to find I’m getting together a stock of rebuilt and reconditioned units before parts dry up completely. While I also carry a variety of new and used components some items may be out of stock so send me an email or give me a call (0419 632 853) to be sure.

With 45 years of experience in the field I can also repair your worn diffs and gearboxes but please remember I do not get involved with the late model trucks or the European or Japanese brands.

As everyone knows the old girls are, to say the least, slow moving and to be able to drive on the roads today you must be able to keep up with the traffic. With this in mind I am trying to supply overdrive boxes and faster diff ratios but remember the faster we go the more horsepower and torque we need to accomplish it. Some of the trucks and buses do not have the power to maintain the high speeds let alone the suspension steering and brakes to come out at the other end in one piece.

I will continue to offer access to a speed chart with instructions how to calculate the speed of your vehicle and don’t forget to send in a photo or two if you would like your beauties posted in the gallery section of my site.

I despatch most small items through Australia Post, either their Standard or Priority service, but if you prefer alternative shipping I’m happy to oblige. I also have a decent rate with a carrier for all the larger units to most areas.

You will notice that there is a section for my favourite make of truck with lots of photos and information. I am talking about the ‘Most Rugged Truck in the World’ the Brockway Truck. Now whoa up! Before you say a Brock What? Have a look and see for yourself. And by the way, it is not a Mack. OK!

Check the menu for a complete list of services available.
All the best,


Aussie Ed.